Monday, April 07, 2008

Why You Should Not Offer Us Things Unless You Want Us To Take Them

We had a lovely Sunday, picking up cow sh*t and cutting a wood piece for the back of our boat.

See, our neighbor had two boats piled under leaves in the back of his yard. We offered to buy one, because I have visions of family afternoons spent on a lake. And after a few months, with a daughter's wedding reception imminent, when I just happened to be lurking near his yard with winsome daughter in tow, the nice man gave us one. With a trailer. For free.

So now we have a 15 foot aluminum boat with a trailer, and it needed a new back wooden piece thingy, so we cut one.

Right after we called up the friends who had said "anytime! Call us and we'll open the pasture for you and let you scoop up cow manure for your garden!"

They said it, we believed them, and hence we did call. And spent an hour or two trundling through pasture, picking up poop and yelling at the dogs, who were--as always--trying to eat it.

Actually, Dido got herself so filthy that when we came home, we washed her in our boat (full of rainwater).

That's right. We got a boat.

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Anonymous said...

"lexe and kagan and miss annie lee,gone fishing in mississippi---I love that image!