Monday, April 21, 2008

It's 4 pm and I haven't managed to do much today. Dogs walked, me showered, baby fed, changed, fed, changed, down for a nap, entertained, etc. Some laundry folded and a going-through of the novel to square up days and dates.

Not so very much, but here it is 4 pm. Babies take a lot of time, even when you put their red teething telephone in front of the computer and balance them on a knee, trying to get some work done.

Which I do. And then I worry that I'm not stimulating her appropriately, so I play with her on the floor. But then I worry I'm not working on the whole getting-published goal.

And I only have one kid! And few real-world deadlines! Not to mention a small house that takes about 2 hours to clean!

How do all the mothers in the world manage?


Anonymous said...

Oh my gosh...Michael explained about these websites people do. I love seeing the pics! Your hair! And how big baby is! I have been horribly out-of-touch. Just lots going on, but that's no excuse. I hope you are all doing well. going to backtrack and look at these photos. How does one set something like this up? I'm so computer retarded...

TheElementary said...

I got to your blog through a search of Barbara Kingsolver readers/reviewers.
This is a lively and lovely and enthusiastic collection of writing and photos that I'm afraid I'll just have to come back regularly. There's nothing else for it.