Sunday, April 06, 2008

She's Back

These pictures don't really convey.

But obviously, the hair that took me so long to grow is gone again.

(Mama feels like a rock star.)
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Anonymous said...

Baby, you ARE a rock star!!!

I like it!

Da Mum

Carrefour said...

you look so great with short hair!! It's the long neck and great cheekbones.

Don't know why, but there is this urge to cut off all your hair post-baby. Next week, I'm going to chop mine some more. Been thinking about something like yours, but I'm not cool enough to pull it off. Where did you get it done?

Able Ponder said...

The Family Heirloom in our town. She does a great job on some people I know, so I went to her. Cost $12.

Big D said...

oooh, that second picture you do look like you ought to be hopping on a tour bus.

Anonymous said...

Your look takes me back to junior year---white comforter, colored lights, tire rim on wall, me getting off the top bunk by stepping on you, Area 51, STRIP bench, boys, my scandalous trip to NY, Mike Yates, Ian, Hannah, Lex, Paris, Jim, Hannah's graduation party at the lake, Alex?, the jacket, the prom- dancing next to the chaplain, the quote book, the endless late night conversations, Stinkie- 'cause she's too preppy to hang out with us and the name just fits, just get on campus and feel the sexual tension HIGHSCHOOL. . . And you pulled it off so well. You stylin'.

margaret newton graber said...

I love the hair...and the baby outfit! She is so pretty.

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