Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Great things are happening.

1. Our neighbor gave us a boat. And a trailer. He's happy a young family wants to use it, and so he passed along this 15', aluminum fishing boat for FREE. Isn't that AWESOME?

2. Annaliese will never need clothes. Ever. Our church gave her (and another new baby girl) a shower over the weekend. I asked for toys, and we got some of those, but we also got outfit after outfit after outfit. And two eyelet-covered Baby Bibles from Belks. Gotta love Mississippi.

3. We all slept 8+ hours last night. Not straight, mind you, but after a very tired mama said enough! she's going in the bassinet! she's begun sleeping in it. She goes down at 10, wakes at 12.30 for a bottle from her papa, wakes at 4.30 for a feeding by her mama, and then wakes for good at 7, and comes in the bed with us for some morning happiness and more food.

So, so, so doable.

Being me, I had some guilt about whether or not I've perpetuated our sleeplessness by cosleeping for the first three months. But I don't think so...A. really did come into this world as a suspicious little baby who need to touch us all the time, and so we did. Cosleeping was the only way we got any sleep at all for the first three months, so I can't regret it. Now, she's more confident in us, in the world, and her night-day patterns are established... she's ready to sleep on her own.

It's fabulous.