Tuesday, March 27, 2007

woe is me

I started the new novel (Sam and Alice, I'll be calling it) yesterday, and today, the laptop on loan from my mother after my old one's motherboard imploded broke. Perhaps it can be fixed-- I'll find out.

Why is it so hard to keep a computer going? This is what I want: 1: to write 2: to have speedy/reliable internet. No games, no music, no videos.

I have burned through a Toshiba, a Hitchachi (back when laptops were EXPENSIVE), a Dell desktop (that lasted all of 3 yrs, the current record), a Dell laptop, and now this, my mother's, a refurbished laptop that I have been using for three months and never moved from my desk. These computers ranged between $500 and $3000, and none of them were problem-free.

K. wants me to use a typwriter. I am open-minded, but I need internet access, and I do like being able to fix things before printing them out.

*big, big, frustrated sigh*


Anonymous said...

Hi. Call me about this. You've got the #. :)

Big Nick said...

smug alert: ahhh, if only K listened to me years ago... I'm still using my mac that i bought in '01 and its still running strong.


Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Nick----having spent a small fortune on laptops for daughters in school, and with both daughters not exactly careful in their use,I bit the big one and bought daughter # 2 a Mac notebook, which has made it through almost an entire year of college with,knock on wood, no issues. And that is a recoed for this family!!!Plus I personally loathe Microsoft.on principle and for their practices