Monday, March 12, 2007

I have a dweam

Perhaps it's spring fever, but everyone seems to be afflicted with home improvement projects (Bluepoppy).

Last Sunday, I looked at the stark lines of our porch and took myself to Wal-Mart.

A few hours and less than fifteen dollars later:

Can you see the fishing-line trellis? How about here?

Within the last two days, four out of the twenty morning glory seeds have come up. This makes me ecstatic, even though they currently look like plant versions of baby dragons:

But picture a wall of leafy green punctuated with blue and white morning glories, filtering light to a place to drink coffee and watch sunsets.... can you see it? Shadow can.

1 comment:

Big D said...

I see it, Shadow!!!!!
I am sitting here at work, cursing my bad luck to be moving this weekend instead of heading down to Mississippi for what is for certain a retreat... a haven.

i'm feeling a lot of goodwill towards my fellow man this morning.

it's frightening how much caffeine improves my mood. good thing i never tried cocaine, right?