Tuesday, March 06, 2007

to be so blessed, or, I want to be that zen

Our new-place grace period seems to be drawing to a close. In just over two months, we've become a big part of the community down here, and the days fill up fast. More on that later.

Yesterday morning, my aunt Jennie called and said that she and her family were flying from Orlando to Louisiana, and so they might drop in for a night. When I say flying, I mean flying: Jennie flew planes for the Red Cross in Africa, and her French husband flies both planes and helicopters. They arrived in their plane around four-- a sporty small thing with blue stripes-- and laden with baby girls.

Jennie-- who is only 11 years older than me-- married a few Junes ago and promptly had four children (almost 6; almost 5; almost 3; 8 months). After stopping for folding chairs from K's office and diapers at a Walgreens, they came out to the house and ate homemade pizza and salad with us. It was delightful, although when they left, we all collapsed into bed. I have never seen such a good-humored family, and the control-freak in me is in utter awe.

But enough about me-- look at my cousins!
Me with the eldest:
The second, named for our grandmother:
Jennie with the third and fourth:
and a blurry picture of the papa:
They flew out this morning, after commanding the town's largest suite.
I am very conscious of not being a mother now, and am rethinking a short story I finished where the pregnant mother is overwhelmed by one child. Because they have FOUR under the age of six!

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