Monday, March 19, 2007

this weekend, I

was not sick.

went on two long long long walks with the dogs and one with my husband.

went to church and grocery shopping.

did fifteen loads of laundry (only slightly exaggerating) in our brand-spanking new frontloading washer and dryer.

read a good book.

watched a foreign film.

sucessfuly put family drama and professional challenges out of my head.

and first step towards re-slipcovering the whole house! This blue is actually really vibrant turquoise, and this old armchair won't know itself when I get done with it. K. helped me a bunch-- he's very good at understanding how things should be-- but I made this my very self with the thirty-year-old sewing machine I bought over a year ago in the hopes of doing just this.

To be honest, I am very, very proud of myself.

the zipper ain't so pretty...before we got thread that matched...but no one will see it anyway!


Big D said...

YOU GO, GIRL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, you are so cool.

I'm glad you're in a crafty/homey mood b/c i'm sending you an article from real simple from January that i think you'll like :)

p.s. that color is FABULOUS and SO IN right now ;)

Anonymous said...

My sweetie is so talented.

You should have seen her glowing face when the last piece was in place, and suddenly, from all the parts she had painstakingly assembled, a cushion cover appeared!

She was walking around the house hugging it and making sure I appreciated it as much as she did.

Soooo cute!

Anonymous said...

Well, that is definately one gene that never came from MY side of the family----you rock,girl! I love it---and am SOOOO impressed~~~~~the color is just perfect,isn't it!