Friday, January 19, 2007

until February

Hey y'all

Everything and everyone is fine, but I've got dogs to train, articles to proof, a column to write, and a novel to revise, not to mention an impending maternal visit (yay mom!) and a trip to san francisco.

So I'm not going to be posting for awhile. Check back in right before Valentine's Day, and I'll tell you lots of stories.

In the mean time, ponder this:

1. Crude oil under $50 a barrel


Congress taking away rollbacks to oil companies
Walmart pledging to start solar-powering 5 stores

2. quantum physics apparently refers to things going on sub-atomically (who knew?)

3. And as always, the more research I do for my book, the more I implore you to buy non-hormonal milk and grass-fed, hormone-free beef. The cheap stuff is cheap for a reason.

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Anonymous said...

Though my pocketbook really appreciates the drop in crude oil,for the sake of the world and children to come I would prefer crude oil remains above $50/barrel.
Why? to keep our attention focused and alternative fuels attractive.We did this before, in the 70's and went right back to our
self-destructive ways.We can't afford to do that again---particularly for the sake of you

And always----when viable,buy local!