Thursday, January 04, 2007

a bone


pictures tomorrow, I promise, I swear.

In other news: I finally found a good eyebrow waxer. I'm reading the Dalai Lama's "Art of Happiness" like the good little yuppie I am-- and I like it. I'm trying to train the dogs to a-- stay off the couch/armchair and b--do the invisible fence thing. Which so far means that they're pretty much afraid to go outside. But we're only in day two, and according to my manual, this is normal. I'm working on a few short projects before revising the novel, and all is going well. I fried the motherboard on my laptop, though, which apparently costs nearly what I paid for the darn thing three years ago, so we're not getting it fixed. I'm waiting for K's battered laptop (cabin-building in VT took a toll) to die, and then I'm going to pressure him into getting us a desktop that we share for internet/word processing.

IN THE MEAN TIME, I love my new system. Two binders. One for random stuff, one for writing. Here's what I love about it: no commitment. I can write whatever wherever, and then ORGANIZE IT because the paper has HOLES. I LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. And unlike the darn laptop, binders are truly portable. AndI get to feel productive typing it all up later. The catch about being self-employed is that so far, there's little built-in busy work, so I'm actually happy for the mindless addition to my routine.

I have a great story, but I want to save it for tomorrow so pics can accompany it. So check back tomorrow, peeps.

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Danielle said...

I was just about to berate you for promising a Thursday update and then not having one when BAM, you DO HAVE ONE!!!!


Boo to me for being a pessimist.

You will have to tell me how the invisible fence works out.

I do love busy work. Acxiom buys all its associates Franklin Covey planners, and I am seriously enjoying the sheer mundaniety (is that a word? mundanitude? mundaness?) of writing things down in it. There's something about binders of paper that is really soothing.

I have a feeling, though, that were I to get a blackberry, my whole life would finally be electronic, no getting around it. Supposedly, Apple is coming out with an "iPhone", and frankly I can't wait. I knew there was a good reason to not buy a new iPod when my old one broke. I will marry the iPhone, and we will grow old together and live by the sea.

of course, I think that y'all should get a mac when you get a new computer, because then it could also be a stereo. I have a cord that hooks into mine and i use it for my stereo now, too, and sold my old one. (can you see me evilly trying to get you to come over to the dark side of the mac? Don't be frightened, child, we all float down here...)

I want a real blog, but i'm afraid that I would run into the same problem I ran into when my LJ was public... people getting pissed about what I write if they find out its me. ho hum. i will probably stick with LJ because i'm lazy.

working on these emails is preeeety boring. but I just got a bonus because of the confusion about the OT, so really, why complain?