Friday, January 05, 2007

day of the blog

The sun finally peeked out (it poured all yesterday), and so here's the house. By the time I was inside, it had retreated again, thus not adequately conveying the amount of sunshine the living room and the study get...but we're loving it, at half the price of the townhouse and gazillions times the pleasure, and it's a good place to call home while we wait for our farmhouse. Ignore the mess, remember we only unpacked last weekend, we are in dire need of bookcases, rugs, and a large desk for moi, and enjoy. (We're going to visit the Amish chairmaker this weekend! We only have one!)


Danielle said...

oh, myyyyyyyyyyyyyy what a delightful little house!

1. I love the stained glass window in the (?) living room.

2. the bathroom is precious.


K cracks me up.
What a fun, muddy new years, too! My new years was spent all day in bed, much different from new years 06, which was spent jumping into a cold lake :)

you have made my day with the pictures :)

Anonymous said...

I love the house/can't wait to visit. Don't complain about no rugs---I offered this REALLY nice oriental that would look great with your couch but nooooooooo.

Anonymous said...

That's your home?!! THAT IS GORGEOUS-- I love the stone steps coming down the side, love the wood floors love all the ways it nooks and crannies-- it is cozy personified, er, well, you know, not personified, but CO-ZEEE.

and btw, I loved what you wrote, "I don't think you should ever feel guilty about breaking up with someone you're not married to for somebody else" that's brill.

And, your husband IS cute and did you know FIREFLY is our (me and my husband) fave fave movie---? Love Joss Whedon.

I'll shut up now.