Friday, January 05, 2007

Christmas pics

Christmas Eve, all a bit tired, on our way to the midnight service.

The Pierce girls are all a bit bleary-eyed as we shuffle into open our presents before driving to auntie j's.

But spirits soon pick up as caffeine and presents give their respective highs. (how cute is my husband?)

And then we toddle off to auntie j's, where we kind of stopped taking pictures, but note my adorable cousin, pictured in the last photo with sometimes adorable sister (who luckily for me is such a college brat that she never reads this, so I can lampoon her to my satisfaction):

It was a really nice Christmas, filled with K's pies, too little sleep, too much driving, and just the right amount of sentiment. K's family being so far away was the only sour note, but it's their turn next year.

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