Tuesday, November 28, 2006

my dear readers

Fine, NO ONE COMMENT. I don't care at all. I ONLY work and SLAVE my fingers to the bone navigating my mentally ill computer and the new beta blogger to give Y'ALL REGULAR UPDATES and lots of SUPER pretty pictures.

if anyone has a farm for sale or some available cookies, you can call me. Otherwise, I'm sulking.


Anonymous said...

mmm, cookies. Don't deliver them until after 6, otherwise I won't get any.

The farm can be delivered any time.

Smoochies schnooks.

Sorry your readers are all poopheads.

Anonymous said...

Poopheads !!! Mon derriere !!! I love to write and to read everything you post . This is the first thing I do everynight . I see what is new in the lives of my kids ! . I love the horse and buggy .
I would love to spend time on an Amish farm . Do they still bathe hwe way they did in the movie The Witness ?
I read they have generetors for milking but little else for commodities .
It is funny . First time I saw houses looking like that close except in Zurich last time I was there . [some 30 years ago ]Of course maybe Annapolis might have some . I never lived so close to my neighbors !
You don't have a spare room ?
Definetely time to buy a farm .
Enjoy the South . Last night I was up until midnight waiting for the gas technician to relit the furnaces and water heater plus ranges . The oil company let the 1000 gallons tank run out !!! Brilliant , 5 families w/o heat nor hot water !!!
Do you need heat down your way ? I mean does it get cold enough to put long underwear on ever ?
Don't fret about your fans , the best fans can be silent for years !
Much love to you and your soulmate ,God bless , maman C

Anonymous said...


this is bullshit!
I just posted a comment on here the other day, i swear, and now i can't find it!

I love your table, i am totally jealous. it is like the real version of the crappy sears one that i bought on the day after thanksgiving.

I am not sending you cookies, I am sending you your pajamas.

the amish have generators? that doesn't seem right. I wish you'd taken pictures of the girls in their dresses, but I know what you mean about feeling weird about that. When i was in cuba i felt that way, taking pictures of the people... but then i did once and they came up to me and demanded money for me taking their picture - apparently that is a job there... dress up and get tourists to take your picture and then demand that they pay you for it.

Anonymous said...

Don't sulk---I miss your slices of life!

About the Amish---1) you were right not to take pictures,that's very offensive to the Amish. I asked Barry ( of Mennonite descent,just one step removed from Amish) but about your questions concerning their move to MS,delivery of tin etc and his response was the Amish don't have a problem with the "english"--that would be all of us-using modern vehicles and such to deliver them what they need.Which is all I have to add -
Love seeing pictures of the townhouse--particularly fond of the one with my horse old trailer parked in front, think it looks rather dashing!Definately looks better there than in the pasture-
Love the M.

Anonymous said...

Hi. I am lame and have limited access to the internet at the new job. so, I'm sorry but I'm super behind on my reading.
Please forgive?