Tuesday, November 14, 2006


Being the eldest child of an alcoholic and part of a huge clan of overly opinionated people as well as marrying a very definite personality has given me a rather distrubing ability to let other people make plans for me.

In the midst of a Christmas plans debate, I finally sat down and thought about what I wanted. And hence, an email. That's how my family now feuds. Through emails.

I think all families where people haven't thrown in the towel fight. Hopefully, it doesn't get too nasty. Hopefully, when it's just your opinion involved, you learn to keep your mouth shut. But there's something about people making decisions for me and assuming I'll go along that grates me, and hence I am standing up, beating my chest, and roaring out, no more!

Part of me yearns for the day when we won't have to drive or fly anywhere for Christmas-- for when the tables turn and our loved ones come to us. But the thought of a family-free Christmas day?

Despite everything, it stinks.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I keep *wanting* to throw in the towel, but despite myself I still like a good row now and then.

Last Christmas for Neal Throneberry's kids (my dad and his siblings and the spawn thereof) had one HELL of a fight, and not the normal kind where people just bitch behind each others' backs... it was a real-for-real group fight where my aunt judy accused my mom of ruining family functions because she brought her friends (namely, this one time when judy's son kevin wanted us all to go bowling together - ahhh, white trash togetherness - and mom's best friend Betty was in town so she brought her, and then mom didn't bowl. which really pissed off judy, apparently, the fact that mom and I didn't bowl. that was central to the fight) and where, because I didn't want to participate in a draw-names-out-of-a-hat-and-spend-$50 gift game, I was ruining everyone else's fun.

Hope all's well with you as turkey day approaches. We're not even cooking, we've bought one from calypso cafe and we're going to do things like knock down my kitchen wall and hang my new tv, which instead of being a birthday gift, is actually going to cost me money - because the gift is that mom let me use her best buy credit card so I only have to pay 1% a month on the thing, and because now that I have the tv i had to upgrade my cable, which is really actually a birthday gift for *Matt* because now he gets to watch football in HD.

I enjoyed part of your Wild Oats gift card last night as I munched on some garlic and shallot crackers :) you rock.

letter coming your way soon, i swear.