Monday, November 20, 2006

anyone know an agent?

Dear sweet Lord, I hope I get a book deal. Because I love love love not working.

Writing is work. Really. I can sit down and have words flowing out of my fingertips about unimportant things, but when it comes to writing a novel, writing is more like weaving in the damn dark. Lots of threads to keep track of and only the light of a solitary star to do it by.

BUT: I love having the time for my own projects. I love getting instant satisfaction and meeting people in the community with my freelancing for the newspaper (turning my 3rd piece in today) and I love having the time and the enrgy to pursue threads of things which intrigue me (historic preservation, anyone)? And I love working on my novel, because it is MINE and I'm doing it because I want to, unlike every single thing I ever did in a cubicle.

That being said, I can't continue to do this unless it becomes a viable career-- e.g. paid. The pittance I get from the newspaper and the relatively well-paid but mind-numbingly boring proofing jobs keep my self-respect hovering above groundlevel, but in the overall context of my life, I don't want to spend all day on something and not get paid for it. So book deal, I'm a'coming.

Just have to finish the novel first.


Anonymous said...

You'll get there. It will take some time. But to be very very very very cliche, Rome was not built in a day. If you are really worried about money do something fun like working in one of the yuppie coffee shops while still taking time for your writing. Here I am. . telling you what to do! I just think you are exactly where you are suppose to be working on exactly what you should be doing. Great talent should never be wasted. You'll get there! Stinks

Anonymous said...

Just remember--the Oxford "Eagle"is where Faulkner was first published!
And for a long time, the only place-when he was "Count No Count".

I am so looking forward to being the President of your Fan club!Maybe we should just start it now---whatta ya say, Stinks?

Love the M/

Anonymous said...

Write the novel!! There's great satisfaction in the process of doing something so close to your heart and so challenging-- you can do it. Remember, "Build (Write) it and they (the book deal) will come."


Able Ponder said...

y'all are so cute. come eat pie with me anytime.