Thursday, February 02, 2006

Just for kicks: Things I Don't Believe In ctd.

nuclear power

living together pre-marriage

mean men


sweaters with faces on them (read santa clause, reindeer, etc.)

deficit spending

this crazy, crazy idea that opening up that one last tiny piece of Alaska will somehow save us from foreign oil dependence (really-- look at a map.)

being bad at your job


lunching with co-workers you don't really like

annual letters about how great your family is (oh, mom and i had so much fun with this one. we'd compose them in the car. this year, dad moved four times, the septic tank erupted into the library, alexe got two speeding tickets and went to three driving schools, eliza began bathing regularily, and oh, our dog died.)

negativity :)

cheerio children.


Anonymous said...

I like this series.


non-social health care

Paying 150k for the last four years of your education.

Paying anything for your first 13 years of education. (Read: private schools.)

two-party 'Deomcracy'

Children that turn public schools into a failing obedience class.

Disrespectful people.

Unrespectable people.

blaming fast food chains for your obesity.

buying things on credit.

Being a 'homeowner', when a chinese investor likely owns at least 80% of that home.



believing what's right for you is right for everyone.

cardiovascular equiptment.

small pools.

self-help books.

sitcoms. (excepting scrubs and arrested development and jeeves and wooster and fawlty towers, hmmm.)


Anonymous said...

I did love all those annual letters we composed in the car and never sent--but really should have !!
K,---one comment on your list ( not that I agree with all the others but hey- what's new!

It's not children who turn public schools into a failing obedience class ----but THE PARENTSs OF THOSE CHILDREN!
Aided and abetted by p.s.administrators

Anonymous said...

is someone annoyed with her boarders? (grin)