Friday, February 17, 2006

heads' up!

Why is it that lists of things to do before you die include items such as:

write the great american novel
learn to speak french
travel to the great wall of china

and so on.

right now, i have several ambitions, and they look like this:

learn to make slipcovers
get our taxes done
plan interesting lunches for next week, so my husband doens't have to eat dinty moore out of a can (which is really very good, but also very much like canned dog food).
keep writing my not-the-great-america-novel
get something done to my eyebrows

and so on :)

nonetheless, i firmly beleive that it is important to keep in mind those things you'd really LIKE to accomplish, as opposed to the ones you kinda have to accomplish (read taxes).

so think, people, think, and then do what i do best: list. because if you're like me, you might forget.

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