Friday, February 03, 2006

What's In A Name?

I like my name. I like my husband's name. I think a fair bit about names.

top 10 names in 2005 (in order of popularity):

Emma Emily Madison Kaitlyn Sophia Isabella Olivia Hannah Makayla Ava

Aidan Jacob Ethan Nicholas Matthew Ryan Tyler Jack Joshua Andrew

I confess I'm a big fan, especially when you compare them to the '80s:

Jennifer Jessica Amanda Melissa Sarah Nicole Heather Amy Michelle Elizabeth

Michael Jason Christopher David James Matthew John Joshua Robert Daniel

And just for kicks, let's look at the 60's:

Mary Susan Karen Maria Lisa Linda Donna Patricia Debra Deborah

David Michael John James Robert Mark William Richard Thomas Steven

The weirdest thing of all? Savannah, which is the name my sister and I duel over, is n. 47 on the 2005 list.

All the good names are taken (pout, flounce-off).

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