Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Things I Don't Believe In:

educational software for children

peeled carrots



eggs, potatoes, and dairy being bad for you


NOT having engagement bling

George Bush

people who want to ban abortion-- especially men

atheism, agnosticsm, and Unitarianism* (*if my understanding of this denomination is correct)

Will Farrell and all of Will Farrell's movies

Napoleon Dynamite, while we're at it

war-- with an exception of defensive wars

poorly written chick lit books

Montessori school for kids under the age of 4-- unless you're clear that you just want them out of the house

divorcing because you're just not in love anymore

owning a hot tub

"finding" yourself

frosting in a can

prudes (read: people who don't like dogs, who can't handle a little dirt, who have never roughhoused)

the public school system

having to go to graduate school

our gross miserliness towards teachers

pale bloated men who work 12 hours a day WHILE having a family

having to have curtains

piano lessons, soccer teams, etc. for children under the age of 5 (unless they beg you because they actually really want to)

buying furniture, blinds, cars, and clothes on credit

SUVs with the exception of TRUCKS for FARMERS, not: college students, teenagers, soccer moms, or corporate honchos

the stock market

this strange notion that America is superior to Europe, especially with regards to our economy (oh, i'll take you down on this one. Just ask.)

oh-so-literary fiction


roads without sidewalks

strip malls

going to a new place and shopping at the same 100 retail stores found across America


but as always, I close with the fact that I really do love my dishwasher.

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Friend said...

I agree with almost all of them, but Yogilates-I really enjoy it! If you don't agree with it, maybe you should add "Balletone" (ballet + yoga) to your list as well. the dairy part-I agree with completely.