Saturday, February 04, 2012

Happy Saturday!

It's been a long week.

K and I had a fight. It was his fault. I was right. An ancient toaster met an untimely end.

Just kidding honey. You were totally right.

Then we went out to dinner and a gallery opening downtown last night and now we're best friends again.

(I was right.)

The kids have been a little omnipresent, but on the upside, Caspian has taken to putting his pudgy little-boy hands on either side of my face and calling me his sweet mama.

That boy is going to go far in life. Everyone he meets wants to kiss him.

Two perfect raincoats arrived in the mail-- pink ladybugs for my girl, neon camo for my boy-- which they love and Annaliese has been living in hers. Good thing since it's raining daily.

The rabbits have been grazing the orchard, which is not all that level, and they keep tunneling holes out and so we have learned to catch rabbits with a fishing net. It's a lot of fun.

K. has to go to sunny Florida at 5am tomorrow and that bums me out.

A few pics-- a friend snapped them for a mag publication that's no longer going to happen, so now they're mine!--


Vinnie+ said...

I just love this blog. I love hearing your voice, Lex :-} xox

Anonymous said... how long is the waiting list for babysitters? Auntie J