Tuesday, February 28, 2012

It's weird being by myself.

But I am looking on the many bright sides: rooms stay clean after I clean them. I eat whatever I want for meals and do not scarf it with an arm hooked around my bowl because someone else prefers it to their own meal. I have not dealt with another human being's bathroom needs.

And I'm joining them in three days so I better relish it while I can!

I am trying to get a couple things done for the store while i have more time. One of them is accomplished: a logo. Here it is. I love it. A local lady-- who eats lunch with me daily and has a gallery down the street and whose oldest boy plays soccer with Annaliese and who is awesome at all things vintage-y-- made it for me. In exchange for a little cash and a lot of store credit.

I kinda want to tattoo it on my butt.

But I won't.


The store in general has been doing awesome but this week is sucking so let's hope that changes.

K. said a really nice thing to me last week. He said that he thought that if I inherited millions of dollars, I'd probably keep doing what I'm doing. I probably would. It's an odd thing to feel born to be a small-town grocer.

In news of K, I guess it's okay to announce that he quit his job 2 weeks ago. He's still working there-- until the end of March-- because he gave notice the right way: he's leaving with bridges intact and letters of recommendation in hand. Handily, mere months after our moneypit of a building stabilized financially what with the 4 paying tenants we have and hope to keep, knock on wood.

He is not moving to another job. He is walking out, looking around, and seeing what evolves.

This scares the pants off some members of our family but maybe naively, not me.

I fell in love with a tall boy who was pretty poor, by my standards, and by the luck of the draw he ended up making a lot of money, more than our peers, enough for us to pretty much do what we want, enough for me to stay home and then open a store and work for free. He has made a lot of money for awhile now. We've bought our home and the building and two vintage Mercedes and paid off the Vermont cabin and the other toys (not all on our own, thanks Dad!). And lately we've been looking at each other and thinking-- well, okay, either we yuppie it up and get a cleaning lady and a leased fancy car and enjoy this lifestyle a little more, or we change it.

He's 31. Been working in the same industry since he was 22. Either he changes now or be'll be closer to 40 and less likely to jump over to something else.

So he's jumping.

And I am really proud of him. I'm betting he lands on his feet. He always has before.

In the mean time, no more cleaning lady :(


Anonymous said...

The only word of concern/complaint my dear wife had was concerning that cleaning lady. Nice to have a partner who has never balked at any direction I've wanted to walk.

Anonymous said...

My money's on you both - hand-in-hand. This door closes and another opens; I'm bettin' the next one is even more fun and fulfilling! LOVE that "tall boy," his smarts, and his courage (after all, he married you even AFTER he met the rest of us!) - Auntie J

Vinnie+ said...

K is brave, you are too. And get the tattoo on your butt if you want. I will deal with your mother...:-}


Sarah L said...

Well done, K! Good for you for making a leap now. I don't think leaping is ever easy! I know far too well from my own leaps. And good job being a supportive wife, my friend! I understand how wonderful a cleaning lady can be, but happiness at work is way more important. And you both seem to realize that well :) Ps- get that tattoo. PPS- I hope after moving back to the US I find a way to see you in person again at some point! Been far too many years!

Chris Coughlin said...

His best asset is his incredibly talented, vibrantly beautiful, amazingly energetic and devoted wife, the mother of his two incredible children, and my beloved daughter-in-law.

Papa C