Thursday, January 19, 2012

In the last week

I went to New Orleans and didn't take a single picture.

(I did have an awesome time though.)

I lost 2 pounds. 4 to go.

(Rockstar2012 diet: includes no cocaine and a lot of walnuts.)

I sat on the couch with my husband and talked for 2 hours.

(He rubbed my feet too.)

A guy named Randy who's kin to my cook at the store and who used to make BBQ brought me three ducks in a brown paper bag.

(They're still in my fridge, don't tell him.)

Annaliese told me for the first time tonight amid sobs that she wished she didn't have a mother.

(I bent my head to hide a smile.)

The store's a hairsbreath away from being overdrawn at the bank. And those are only the checks I have to write, not all the money owed.

(What else is new? It's January.)

I bought skinny jeans and I like 'em.

(two years late, but hey, I'm no trendster.)


Anonymous said...

sounds like----all in all, a good week!

Vinnie+ said...

The foot rub makes it all possible :-} xo