Sunday, March 27, 2011

Lazy Weekend

Jessica and I worked out something where we each get a Saturday off a month, giving us a proper weekend for the first time since the store opened.

K went to work on Saturday so the kids and I chilled out.

Ate breakfast on the porch.

Then headed into O-town, where we hit up the library, went out to a restaurant (children were completely wowed by that, proof that they lead a very routine and small-town life). My little poppets were surprsingly good company. Annaliese says "fixing to" in conversation, which amuses me.

And I bought two things: a croquet set, and this:

Hand-stitched quilt in perfect condition from the 1930s.

I love it. K thinks it's a "hideous collection of rags." Vote?

The children fell asleep together in their Princess Tent (Caspian pictured) and slept for over 2 hours.

Beef stew is on the stove, apple pies are in the oven, and the store's books for the week are done.

Pretty thrilling!


Rappatude said...

Love the quilt.And your poppets-

Anonymous said...

K is voted off the island. The quilt is a steal!!! Beautiful and perfect. You, of course, have the eye for that sort of thing :-}


right? i know. he's stupid. good thing he's cute!

Anonymous said...

And their posture is perfect!

smartinof4steve said...

pieces of cloth that even in the trying 30s were so unwanted or worn out they were thrown into the rag pile. Sewing them together doesn't make them pretty.

Anonymous said...

The quilt is beautiful and so different in closeup and from a distance! I love it, too! Your poppets are simply and breathtakingly incredible. Auntie J

Anonymous said...

Love, love the quilt (and the children are, as always, perfectly adorable)! We buy unclaimed storage units here in Memphis, and my favorite find has been a batch of incredible, 1930's hand-stitched quilts (5, I think)...all with notes safety-pinned on then about who made them, for what occasion and what quilt pattern it is (I went and bought a book). Glad y'all are doing well and look so very happy! ~Margaret