Thursday, March 10, 2011

Caspian's Big Boy Bed

But first, fuzzy peach blossoms. I am intensly proud of my orchard. We have a shot at getting some fruit this year. Keep your fingers crossed.

Caspian transitioned to a big-boy bed without a lot of warning. It was K's call, and it was sudden, and though we had the bed and the mattress, we didn't have the bedding, so he's been in a motley mismatched set of everything-- including several pink baby blankets-- for awhile.

No more!

Behold, blue flannel with snowmen and a sunny duvet, courtesy of Nonni (as are Annaliese's flannel blue sheep in the corner.) Between their tricked-out beds and the Princess Castle in the corner (courtesy of auntie Caitlin), these kids have a really nice room.

Adjacent to the parents for yelling. Elephant humidifier for their wee noses. Desk for their crayons, and currently, handfuls of muesli.

Bookcase full of books and stuffed animals.

They also have a ladybug who projects stars on their ceiling at night as well as a "celestial body" nightlight that shines a very accurate picture of a planet or the moon (honestly, I don't know).

I am lucky to have them. And they are lucky to sleep cosy in flannel, surrounded by gifts from family and friends.

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Anonymous said...

Yes, they are very lucky children,to sleep surrounded by so much love.

looks great!