Friday, March 04, 2011

It is garden time, and spring time, and I'm finding it's a season that brings out the best in all of us. The kids are happier-- why? Older, playing outside, I don't know. I'm more patient; it's easy to engage with the kids in doing something when it's seeding tomatoes, or planting a rosebush. At this very moment in time there are two fresh eggs, nestled in premier potting soil, sitting in a flowerpot outside. K's always a great dad, but he too seems inspired by the weather, taking the kids on monster walks, from the house to the lumberyard to the store, stopping to talk about what they see, instead of popping them in the car. And our house is lovely-- windows and doors open, fresh air flowing, shining in the spring sun.

Everything is just nicer.

My pansies survived the winter and have come back beautifully.

Plum trees are budding out. Peach trees are about too.

Yesterday afternoon I started dinner before the kids got home so everything was easy to assemble. We had frittata (with our eggs) and baby bella mushrooms with baby garlic, fresh ciabatta, and a spinach, strawberry, and toasted walnut salad.

Today it's raining and we're all end-of-the-week grumpy so I think we might have apple pancakes for dinner.

On that note... have a good weekend!

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Anonymous said...

looks good!!
Happy Spring....
my favorite time...
something to be said about beginnings;
fresh start,a new chance at starting over..
You are a sprite,dear girl.
Carpe Diem,as they say.