Monday, August 16, 2010

What Annaliese Said This Weekend

"You doan luff Mommy! I LUFF MOMMY!" (To K.)

"Shut your hie-pole!" (K says piehole, so she picked this charming habit up from him, but with her own twist.)

"I'm gonna dance with Wisa. to-MORROW yessserday." (Annaliese begins dance classes downtown with 10 other small little girls in leotards and tights this afternoon. Wisa is Louisa, a four-yr-old who holds infinite glamor for all local friends. Her concept of time is fluid)

"Daddy has brown eyes, and Ca-pian has brown eyes, and Easter Bunny has brown eyes."

"I'm three!" I say she's two. "I'm two! Ca-pian one! Mommy three?" No, child. I am certainly not three.

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Anonymous said...

so cute---pictures please,of her in her dance outfit.