Thursday, August 12, 2010

I was supposed to blog about something the children did.

What was it?

Oh, yeah. Yesterday K and I picked up the kids from nursery school together, and being in a light-hearted mood, tried to think of something different to do that wasn't playing on the porch in the wading pool, involving food, or super time-consuming.

We pass the town's playground area every day, and often, Annaliese asks if we can go to the slide. Lately it's been 100-plus degrees, the slide is in the sun, and the answer is no.

Yesterday it was overcast.

So we stopped! And the kids played. About five minutes after we got there, it began raining, but it felt good and we stayed. We climbed and swung and twirled and slid and the kids got wet and dirty and it was one of those moments where we felt like good parents.

Then we went home and watched Nemo and K made the kids green waffles for dinner.

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