Thursday, August 26, 2010

The Chickens Be Aight

The weather has changed, which means I have a new interest in the house and garden, everyone's more cheerful, and the children and I played outside today. We cleaned the little kid pool and dragged it to a new spot and filled it with clear water and the kids splashed and hollered and ended up both stark nekkid on my lap, wrapped in dry towels, listening to a long and pointless story about a little girl named Annaliese and a little boy named Caspian who lived in a blue room in a blue house because their mommy liked blue.

It was nice, scritching my babies' backs, being outside.

They are both very funny and dear lately, each in their own way. Tonight after I put them to bed the Baby Frat party began (they play; they both talk, read books, sing, and are generally raucous until I come and lay down the law). Annaliese called that she needed toilet paper, and when I came to check on her, she was SO proud of herself for pooping in the little kiddie potty we keep in her room (mostly as a step stool).

I had a tiny flash of annoyance. We'd asked her a few times if she needed to go before bedtime. The kiddie potty is basically a glorified plastic bucket, meaning I have to clean it. But she was looking up at me, beaming, and so I clapped my hands and praised her, retrieved the customary reward of 2 swedish fish, made a big fuss that she lapped up. I don't know why she was so excited, she's pretty much potty-trained these days, but tonight she was super-ready to hear what a Big Girl she is.

Gosh they're cute.

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