Sunday, February 14, 2010

Staycation, Morning #1

I slept like the dead last night. Got in bed around nine with a cup of tea, a book, and a few gingersnaps; read until I got tired; shut off the light and woke up seemingly 5 minutes later. It was light outside. In fact, it was nine o'clock.

It was fabulous.

Meanwhile, up in Vt... I wasn't worried about Annaliese on this trip at all. She's a complete Papa's girl. She was thrilled about going on an airplane. She gave me a brusque little kiss at the airport because her daddy told her to and kept her eyes fixed on the sky, looking for more airplanes.

And then she got on the plane and threw up, and has kept throwing up. Hopefully, cross your fingers, it'll be better today; K told me she's so far kept her breakfast down. And if she gets a little sleep and her tummy doesn't hurt, I know she'll have a ball, but right now... she's wearing her Papa out and making her Mama worry from long-distance.

Caspian, the one I was worried about since he's definitely a Mama's boy and also just a lot younger, has done just fine and seems thrilled by the VT crowd.

Go figure.

Wish K. better luck. He's the prince of Papas, that's for sure.


Jenn said...

Little Miss Moi said...

Wow, lucky you having a little staycation at home! I hope the kids get and stay well so that you can enjoy your quiet time with no worries.