Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Alright. I admit it. I'm ready for my family to come home.

Amazing how three nights of enough sleep can un-do the hysteria of two years without, by the by.

But I talked to my babies on Skype last night. Annaliese ran around showing me her toys and her rocking horse and Caspian threw his arms up and chortled with glee and tried to climb inside the computer. I miss them.

The children seem to be having fun; Annaliese went sledding for the first time, Caspian's got a walkabout which he really loves-- but K's family is dropping like flies with the stomach bug that Annaliese, then Kagan, had for the first 24 hours. Who knows who got it first, but my bets on K, who went out to dinner with a guy in San Antonio TThursday night who couldn't make it to the business meeting on Friday because he had it. The business trip that just keeps on giving.

Anyhow, both his sisters, his mother, and now his father are ill. Isn't that just terrible? Hopefully it'll pass within 18 hours like it did for Annaliese and K, and they can salvage the last few days.

In the mean time.... I'll be resting up, because I'm pretty sure K's going to come home much in the state I did from my VA trip back in the fall: wild-eyed, a little hysterical, and in need of twelve hours of peace and quiet slumber.

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CAITLIN! said...

You forgot Dan, then Owen, then Jenn, and finally a week later, Jim. :-D