Saturday, February 06, 2010

The Children Who Would Not Nap, In Pictures

After an hour... I said fine and turned on Finding Nemo. Crackers were provided. And all was well for over an hour, well past Nemo's escape from the aquarium.

Then things began to unravel. There was crying. Finger-sucking. Blanket-clutching. Frantic pleas to be picked up and NOT to go to bed.

I didn't listen. Put them in bed, turned on the music box, and closed the door to them both wailing.

By the time the music stopped....

their eyes were closed.

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Anonymous said...

Favorite post so far.

I loved this little story about your little people.

Loved it. and Liza will have a wonderful time. And, duh, you will miss them all. So what?

Have a ball, darlin...xox

Zhivago's Russia