Thursday, May 28, 2009

Cranky preggers lady say WHAT?

I don't like to drive, I have a toddler, Mississippi weather is mighty fine 10 months out of the year, and I live two blocks from Main Street.

Throw all those facts in a bag and what you come up with is I tend to walk around town when I'm doing my errands, shopping, etc.

However, of late, every DAMN TIME I'm out at the bank, or taking myself to lunch, or going to the Post Office... someone I know will slow down, lower their window, and say, "You trying to walk that baby out?"

Maybe it's just the 40-week-pregnant talking, but man, it makes me want to stick a fork in someone's eye.

Also irritating: the very existence of a due date. It's Sunday, by the by, but what a RIDICULOUS notion; babies born between 36-42 weeks are considered neither preemies nor "overcooked" as long as their lungs work and their weight is ok; I am having a baby. Soon. Maybe tomorrow. Maybe next Saturday. (Personally, I'm rooting for a Sunday or a Tuesday because I like what the nursery rhyme says about kids born on those days.) The odds that the baby will arrive on my due date are so NEGLIGIBLE I don't even like telling people when my "date" is.

Rants aside, I'm well. K's been felled by another throat/sinus/nose thing (God really did a lousy job on his plumbing, I'm nagging him to go to an E-N-T) and Annaliese has been sleeping very, very poorly, but there's banana bread and chili and chicken soup in the chest freezer and K plans to finish the shower on Sunday and the pest control man just told me we don't have any signs of termites.

So we're good. If the baby arrives... family will get a phone call, we'll email everyone we can think of, and K will post an announcement here.

Hopefully this time he'll choose to omit my breast. Because, you know, that was so SUPER-COOL of him the last time.


Big D said...

1. WHY DO PEOPLE THINK THEY HAVE A RIGHT TO COMMENT ON YOUR BODY?!?!?!?! it seems to be something that only women have to deal with. you'd never hear someone, looking at a guy with a limp or a beer gut walking down the street, say "you trying to make that leg magically functional again?" or "trying to get rid of that beer gut?"

it's insane that people think that women - and, i think (although maybe it's just an availability heuristic thing for me these days) even MORE SO for preggers ladies - they can just make a comment or inquire about the state of your body.

I had a guy do it to me the other day. long story, but the end feeling i had was "why is it okay for you to ask personal questions about my body? I don't even know you."

and even if i DID know him...


2. although it may seem completely contrary to what i just said, i liked seeing your boob.

Carrefour said...

Also, I ordered coffee ICE CREAM once when pregnant and the ice cream lady gave me a lecture about caffeine and babies. People do think they can say anything to pregnant women, i.e., "it's a boy cause you're big all over," or "how are you going to lose all the weight?" and other BS

Also, I hope it's not a Saturday. "Saturday's child has to work for a living." Guess which one I am? SIGH.

Anonymous said...

I love that you brought up the boob thing again. Very surprising-- and now, very funny.

I praying for you and thinking of you always. Stinks

smartinof4steve said...

to all the gentleman out there, I caution you, a ring will turn even the most skinny-dipping hippy-dippy girl into a prude.

Listen to A's stories from high school and you’ll hear about untold amounts of nubile skin, flaunted in public, or in semi-private gatherings of overly-tense and pent up teens.

but oh my goodness, in the context of new life and the joy of a growing family, where's my burka?!

phooey on all of 'em.

-the unrepentant husband.
---this is a post-censorship call from my wife y’all. My. Word.

CAITLIN! said...

Hey, Jim and I were tickled pink by that boob photo... I remember quite clearly saying "Oooh, Alexe's going to be MAD, Kagan must have posted these", and then a few days later "HA, Alexe must be feeling better!" :-) Good thing we saved a copy!