Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yesterday, Annaliese and I neglected housework (it's just too pretty, and consequently my floors are revolting) to head downtown and chill with the Main Streeters.

She walked, holding my hand, all the way from our house to the Mechanics Bank parking lot, where she got distracted by a mud puddle and tried to stomp in it.

I am growing to love walking with Annaliese. If I'm in a hurry or actually trying to get somewhere specific, I have to carry her, but when it's a sunny afternoon? Pretty great to cruise between her and the street, watching the top of her candy-floss head as she trundles along and stoops for the occasional bug, stick, or weed.

When we got to Main Street, we said hey to Cousin Nick, then wandered over to the drugstore and hung out for awhile. Didn't buy a thing, but Annaliese had a great time wooing the old men coffee drinkers and listening to me chat to P.,  who works the soda fountain.

The owner-- sort of the town's local saint-- came over and held Annaliese for awhile; I watched smiling as she lay her head on his shoulder and stared snoozily at the ceiling (all that walking,a after all)-- and inwardly, I was all like, aww, how sweet, but now she'll smell like his cologne.

Because the man seriously wears way too much and I have literally taken a shower after getting hugged form him at church.

On our way home, two people stopped to ask me about K's political campaign (he has filed to run for alderman against THREE others, but his campaign is non-existent-- he has less than zero time). Both told me that they wanted to see him win; I knew neither.

Life in a small town. 

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