Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Update

Last night, K. and I said our goodbyes to Cousin Nick (middle above). He's been with us since JANUARY 10TH-- sleeping in the guest room, working on every brick we own, and snuggling in between K. and me on the couch while watching Arrested Development.

We're gonna miss him, even if he doubled our grocery bills and failed to change a single diaper. 

The picture above was taken yesterday, before the boys (K., Nick, and Nick's brother who visited for a scant four days) walked down to Main Street and spent three hours getting their hair cut by the local barber. 

Mom was also in town for the last week, but she hates it when I post her picture. She spent lots of time with Annaliese though (K. and I slept in together this morning until after TEN!), and gave her a pillow (among many other things) that was a big hit. Please note the dress: Annaliese decided to wear it yesterday, and spent the day prancing around in a sunny mood, obviously feeling like the little princess she is. We all went out to dinner at the local catfish joint last night, and as it was quite chilly, K. put her into jeans and a sweater. She cried. I think we have a real girl on our hands.

I would post a picture of me except in every photo I looked either exhausted or fat. Seeing as I am quite tired (a few late nights seeing the cousins off) and seven months pregnant, I figured I show you Seester Eliza instead.

Ain't she adorable? She's holding a koala in Australia. It sounds like a great, great time, though little mention of actual CLASSES.... in a few weeks she's taking an 11-day trip to New Zealand and renting a camper to drive wherever she and Charlie will. Spring Break Down Under. 

It's funny how much I miss her. With the five years between us, we've been in "different places" for the past few years: (me, first job, marriage; her, high school graduation, lacrosse championships; me: pregnant; her: pledging a sorority) but she's always been my SISTER, and... I just miss her. She needs to show up around here so I can make fun of her clothes and her workout regime. 

Re. the house: K. is nagging me to take pictures, but since y'all will just gasp and say-- no way you'll be in there in 2+ weeks... I am reluctant to...

But there is now NO ONE on the pay roll except me and K. 

I have 18 window casings and 11 doors + casings and a ginormous porch with 200 spindles to paint. We have all the floor to finish. K. has to build kitchen counters and shelves and tile the shower and install hardware and door knobs and light fixtures and ceiling fans and sinks and stuff.

You know, the little stuff :)

But ya know what? I see my tall handsome husband with a flannel shirt tucked in at the waist and my heart still skips. And baby boy is head-down, appropriately positioned and kicking away; and Annaliese is more and more of a little girl every day (she's learned how to blow her nose into a tissue-- total genius). So all-in-all... we're good.

Have a good week-- I'll be the one with a paintbrush in my hand, sporting unfastened overalls.


Big D said...

Cousin Nick is HOTT.

Damn, K's whole FAMILY is good lookin'... Nick's just one more instance of why K and you should reproduce over and over and over, a veritable Duggar family, but without the weird religiosity and bad hair. GENIUS!

Also, darling, don't you know that you "fat" and "tired" is better than the rest of us on our best days?!

Able Ponder said...

Actually, Nick's MY cousin. Once removed. Or something like that.

sevencardan said...

Wow. That top picture looks like it was snapped at a Buddy Holly convention.