Friday, December 19, 2008

Christmas is coming, Mama's Gadding About

I am going to see Stinkerina for a flying visit. Got to get to Bham once every calendar year...

So K. is on solo-Annaliese duty until I come home Sat. night, roughly the same time as my mother and sister are due to arrive... something he hasn't compained about AT ALL.

Nonetheless. The house is clean, the guestroom boasts plumped pillows and clean towels, the laundry is done, and the child is napping for her 4:30 drop-off date with Dada. Because that's the kind of wife I am-- I may ditch you, but things will be set up to run smoothly.

My mom and sister are going to watch Annaliese for  day and a night next week while K. and I take our first-ever together-time away from Annaliese. We are staying here in a SUITE. In a place where people bring food to my door and don't thump a sippy cup at me while I attempt to eat. Or poo in the tub.

it's all very exciting.