Monday, July 21, 2008

a sop, forsooth

there was an auntie and a nonni and a swimsuit: oh my.

it had pink polkadots and white strings and annaliese loved the ties!

and since it has been a very full day indeed, that's where my rhyming abilities end...

mom and sister were here, which was fab. Catfish was eaten, blueberries were picked, we hit the lake yesterday for a nice afternoon with friends and boats and babies galore, and now...and now, the baby is asleep, there is mounds of laundry to do, and I'm procing chest freezers on the internet because ours is already full and we've got a bushel of peaches to process.

behold our little mississippi queen:


Jamie said...

OH Alexe! I can't even believe how much time has past. What an adorable little one you've go there. I hope all is well. Hugs. Jamie

Big D said...

Where is this pool I see in the pictures?!? Have you been holding out on me?!

and omg i seriously almost bought Annaliese a bonnet down in Lynchburg but i was like, that baby doesn't need any more stuff, K will go crazy if i bring her more stuff!

and then i see her in that dang bonnet in the pictures and i'm like, BUT SHE'S SO CUTE IN ALL OF HER STUFF AAAAAAAAAAAAAAA.

I did get y'all something in Jack-Daniels-ville but it's more of an adult present.

Can't wait to see you!!!!