Thursday, July 17, 2008

on solids

We've started feeding Annaliese solids on a regular schedule, meaning, at dinnertime.

I read other moms' blogs and they have recipes. They puree and mash and steam.

So far K's prepared the actual babyfood, and his strategy is thus:

Make whatever soft and mushed enough. Put in jar. Feed child from jar for ~4 days.

This week the jar is sweet potato and carrot, and there are some fun pics that will follow, from which you will conclude-- we need a high chair.

I can't really understand why everyone is so psyched about the solids thing. The baby has yet to have a tooth in her head, she's a little chunkster already, and now, I have to clean the entire kitchen, change her outfit, and give her a very THOROUGH bath after each dinner. Not just behind her ears, but IN her ears, for example. Plus her poop is weird.

Who knew being a parent would involve so much manual labor?


Carrefour said...

Billy started climbing out of our beautiful old high chair. It even has a strap. So it became worthless, because he was going to kill himself. Instead, buy one of those $25 Fisher Price booster seats that strap to a chair and come with trays you can wash in the sink or dishwasher. You can also fold the whole thing up and take it on vacation. Highly recommended.

On cleaning afterward: You have dogs. Let handle the excess food on the floor. The surfaces are still all you, tho.

Big D said...

I am in agreement w/ Carrefour... let the dogs get the floor & the chairs. they're going to be all over them *anyways* to let 'em at it.

as for poop - Waller and I discuss poop weekly, what with us and the dogs all having strange habits and little else to talk about :)

IMO... to quote the side of a Smoothie King cup: "chewing is overrated"