Wednesday, July 02, 2008

I blog a lot in my head.

But things don't always make it to the Web. So, in my particular order:

The bureaucrats I hear on NPR talking about how we need to implement tracking systems for produce so that we can prosecute whoever sold samonella-contaminated tomatoes make me really, really mad. How about we go for PREVENTION and try to avoid INDUSTRIALIZED MONOCULTURE. heh? anyone? Because I seriously doubt tomatoes from a small farmer would 1. be contaminated or 2. even if they were, poison 200-plus people in twenty-something states.

Also, people, eat your meat. It's good for the enviroment. Grassfed, sustainably raised, MEAT. EVEN BACON (though hogs eat slops, meaning they're walking compost piles who are also kickass rototillers.) Stop driving, and start eating locally. That's good for the enviroment.

I got a job.
20 hours a week, my own historically renovated office within walking distance of the house, where I am welcome to bring Annaliese. So for the last two days, we've seen K. off and then strollered down to the office, where she plays/naps and I work, from 9-12.30. I know, that's not twenty hours, but I also work on Saturdays, and longer hours on Wednesday, when Annaliese hangs with her papa. And it pays. Not a whole lot, but enough to pay the rent and the phone bill.

So what am I doing?

I am the manager/executive director of this.

Annaliese can't believe it either.

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Anonymous said...

See FARFA (Farm and Ranch Freedom Alliance)
I love your blog and read regularly.

Angeline's Mom

Anonymous said...

What is a Cane Break? Can non-residents become member of the Water Valley Historic Association? Yeah! Cool Job! Stinkie

Big D said...

APVB you are the coolest person on the planet.


CONGRATULATIONS! I'm so happy for you with your job! What a perfect way to be productive and a mama :)

We were just talking in the office about how when we have babies we will be bringing them to the office. And it made me happy, to think of a little community of mamas bringing their babies to work, doing something they love while having the kids there instead of daycare.

have I mentioned lately I love you all? you and K and all the girls. And your tomatoes. and your mentions of industrialized monoculture.

Wish I were visiting you sooner rather than later.