Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanks for bearing with me

For about five minutes of every day, I think about things not related to the baby.

Sometimes I even discuss politics with K.. It's kind of pointless, since we usually end up agreeing that anyone in the running had to sell their soul to get there, but nonetheless, it makes me feel like a very smart person who discusses important issues.

As opposed to the woman in pajamas who shouts out info like this as he makes me spaghetti at eleven o'clock at night: "The book was discussing the 3 methods of diapering..." (disposable, cloth diapers delivered via delivery, and home laundered cloth diapers, obviously) "and it said that home-laundered cloth diapers are the CLEAR LOSER!"

indignant hand waves.

Husband: "really?"

Me: "Yeah! It said that studies showed they don't get adequately sanitized and cause diaper rash! But what I want to know--" fingers waving, voice rising-- "who paid for those studies? No one's making money off of people doing their own work!" Triumphant finger jab.

We're not in Kansas anymore.


Anonymous said...

'Twas indeed a good point.

An amusing addendum to that little story: this brilliant, indignant defender of the environment received her bowl of pasta with fructose-free pasta sauce, with fructose-free pomegranate/cranberry/sparkling water beverage, at 11 pm, in her pjs and sitting on the couch, and whined, "you didn't put the pepper in it?"

Anonymous said...

Kagan--I fail to see any contradiction whatsoever!!!

Anonymous said...

I,too once was a young mother and thought surely the cloth thing was the very best for my baby and the enviroment etcetc...I soon found out that the cloth diapers were not absorbent enough and leaked like crazy...I used them to clean my floors and thanked the Lord for Pampers.So much for ecology...Potty training was a breeze,I am glad to report.
Good Luck!You are such a beautiful pregnant woman and I feel certain you will be an excellent,loving mother....cloth or no cloth.

eliza said...

I got your angry message! well where are those pictures that you were supposed to send to me... huh???????