Tuesday, October 24, 2006

stress meditations

Today two Italian doctors with hearing problems told me to take an antiviral suppressant for the next year. The younger one paused on his way out of the door. "And stop worrying about it," he said ("it" being the disfiguring cold sores I get way too frequently). "Treat the pill like a vitamin, take it once a day, and never think about it."

The power of the mind over the body can demonstrate itself in pretty nutso ways. People having panic attacks really believe their heart is imploding. Women can summon the strength to raise cars off of their children. And when I was trapped in a stressful situation two years ago, I immediately got a cold sore...as in, one minute I'm stressed, the next I have the beginnings of a fever blister.

While doctors to admit a relationship between cold sore outbreaks and stress, I'm convinced that a host of physical ailments get medically treated while their root causes go undiagnosed. Not to sound too hippy-dip on you, but if you're consistently breaking down in some area (stomach, sinus, bowels), and you're not abnormally physically made, then perhaps that particular area is where your body manifests stress. So perhaps incorporate less caffeine, more sleep, and some yoga or a walk outside into your life.

I've done the proactive healthy things, and now I'll be trying another round of pills. Covering both bases seems like the best way to go.

Make sure you're covering yours.


Anonymous said...

says the girl who is fantastic on the yoga and walking front, but for the life of her won't give up her big morning cup of coffee, or the periodic mound of chocolate.


preach on, tbb.

Anonymous said...

Hi sweety ,
Take up to 4000mg of L-lysine when you first feel the tingling ,space it off like two pills every hour . Mine subside and sometime never show up .
Papa is served a green drink of powder vitamins called All One green phyto base . It comes in i kilogram can and 4 tsp. well mixed in a glass of liquid [ I use soy ] is really helpful . You know that your body under stress depletes your vitamins very fast throwing your ammino acid out of whack .
Doctors know little about nutrition and practice a job not a vocation any longer . I work hard at maintaining my health because no one else is going to do it for me !!! Say the great side effect of those vitamins is that it has completely curved our cravings for chocolate and sugar in general .
It is great to pick chocolate because you want some but not because you crave it .
I hope you won't mind advice from you favorite mama C . I mean well .
I shall send your BD present since it finally came through the mail . Be most candid and do tell me if it does not suit you .
I send you my love and lots of love , God bless , mama C
NB We were told snow soon . Harry and Chris made it to the woods last week-end and your " Ginger bread house " was under snow !!!Ta Ta