Tuesday, October 17, 2006

in the throes

Things I'm missing about DC:

Cheap organic milk
Whole Foods coffee
Brown Cown plain creamtop yogurt

Things I'm LOVING about Oxford

-the weather
-the friendliness of just about everyone
-the historic downtown
-the fact i'll be paying about 3 bucks for every pilates and yoga class at the ridiculously cheap gym
-Square Books (the bookstore)
-the weekly volleyball game where you park on the side of a country road, take a trail up over a ridge, and emerge into a near canyon that happens to contain a volleyball court and many passionate old men
- my very first DSL and landline

Move south, my friends, move south.


neeek-o-laus. said...


Anonymous said...

Hooray for the South! Though I'm sorry there's no Whole Foods. Perhaps I can mail you some coffee? Anyways, congrats on the FABULOUS new cabin in VT and the wonderful move to the Southland. I can't wait to hear lots of stories.

And remember: "A Mississippi girl don't change her ways just because every body knows her name!" (A little Faith Hill action for you)

~Sarah (soon to be a child bride myself!!!)


*sob!* DSL! :) Boy we'd love that if we could get it. I noticed all you mention missing about DC is the food. Nothing else? In other news Natalie & I have signed up for second life (check it out) and are having a ridiculous amount of fun on help island making Natalie's avatar all fat and ugly. =)