Thursday, October 26, 2006

ramblings of a wannabe writer

Every day I try to annoy someone. I'm doing it for professional reasons-- namely, pestering people to publish me. Not the novel-- it has to be done for that-- but article ideas. It's a wee bit humiliating, but I'm ok, because you know what?Eventually I'll break them :) Although yesterday the editor of Vanderbilt's alumni magazine blatantly lied to me, but hey, with a last name like doll and a nasty accent, I'd be a pissant too.

(No I wouldn't. She said that the Vanderbilt magazine only writes about issues in Nashville, which is a PATENT lie, and only uses seasoned Nashvillian writers, which is just stupid. She stinks.)

I think much of succeeding must be not listening to other people, namely the naysayers and the I'm-too-importants. But as I'm not successful yet, we'll see if that theory holds up :)


Anonymous said...

The other part of that is the listening. To those who trust in your coming success so strongly that they spend long hours dreaming of the backhoe they'll be able to buy when you make your 400 million.

Who can't stop wispering in your ear how great you are.

Who daily wrap you in a big hug and squeeze out your self doubt and worries.

(that's me!!!!)

Anonymous said...

And listening to your best friend who has told you from the day she met you what an INCREDIBLE writer you are. It is an art. You have been given an amazing gift. And I know you'll get there. . . you WILL be published. I envy you following your dreams.
I'm currently playing secretary in a Doctor's office while watching Days of Our Lives and contemplating filling out a profile on Because I still don't know what I'm really good at nor have I found that special someone. You are in a good place, girl, and I am excited for you.

Anonymous said...

Always follow the path with heart--and know you CANNOT know ahead of time where it leads-and plan for the best and prepare for the worst! Honey, I went to NYC as a WOMAN when there was no P.C., with no connections and yes, the odds were against me but I persisted and became one of the first women commodity/futures traders- and sucessful. It took me longer than it should have---a lot longer---but I got there.

You're a real writer. I know that---all of us who know and love you know that. But only you can open the door----
Damn the torpedos/full steam ahead-
Da Mom