Thursday, November 10, 2005


You know what makes me happy? That Vermont exists. That somewhere, there is a land green and cool without billboards, neon lights, and all-night gas-stations...okay, they do have a FEW all night gas stations, but they're very tightly zoned.

And-- not they represent all Vermonters-- but that there are people who really, truly beleive that throwing away plastic bottles is a sin, that make-up is for flatlanders, and that $100 for a dress is highway robbery. That solar is obviously the power de jeur and that gatherings where you make your own icecream with your own maple syrup are the place to be.

That there is a place where everyone has their own snow plow!

Vermont. Land of good cheese, brillo beards, lumberjacks, and of course-- maple syrup. In the coffee and on the ice cream.



Hi Sweet girl! Come visit anytime, we'll rub our brillo beards on your cheeks & feed you waffles with maple syrup. Any seriously, most people pay a guy to plow. But we all own mittens and shovels. *kiss!*

Anonymous said...

I have made my own ice cream only a few times in my life and it's either been in Vermont, or with Vermonters. The 'new' roommate might get bashed in the head with a glass bottle for not remembering to recycle it. How hard can that be, honestly, the bins are next to each other! I say, as I dip a bagel chip into hummus dip, I want you back! He is the embodiment of the very threat that the green mountain state faces. aye, yuk.

Anonymous said...

Virgina and Vermont--what do they have in common? Ok,yeah they both start with V. But maybe something else---out past the clogged highways and instant shopping malss, there are mountains in Virginia. Soft blue mountains that run all the way doen her spine,that ARE her spine,and up against those mountains are places where there are no " red lights'and
people who heat with wood stoves and real girls who drive pickup trucks.

Angeline said...

Not recycling a plastic bottle IS a sin.
Why am i not in Vermont, again?????