Monday, November 14, 2005

Addendum and additions

In case you didn't see Angeline's superior comment, she pointed out that button mushrooms and portabellos are the same species, but different strains. Like the snooty older sister of the down-home working girl. But still, aren't you surprised?

Onwards from the mushrooms:

Cute story #1:

Anika told me this story. Her friend, J., had passionate feelings towards one of the residents in their apartment building. A young, handsome bloke, who seemed very amiable. She got on sufficiently good terms with him to chat at the mail bloxes and run by for cups of sugar, but alas, the poor dense fellow did not take the hint and she remained date-less.

So what did this girl do?

With her heart beating in her ears, she went and knocked on his door.

He answered.

"I have a crush on you," she said.

And then she turned and ran down the hall.

N.B. this is brilliance. She appeals to his vanity and kicks in his predatory instict in one gesture. Men are like my dog: compelled to chase things that run. (Except you, sweetie.)

So, surprise surprise, he chased her, caught her, turned her around, and said, "You can't run away after saying something like that!"

She said, "yes, I can," and turned and ran away again.

Eventually, he caught her, and they've been running around Berlin hand-in-hand for over a year now.

:) Happy Monday!


Anonymous said...

I've often heard men are like dogs, but it's never been so excellently explained.

kisses sweetie

angeline said...

That was an awesome story! Thanks for the smile! PS - sorry to sound like the "snooty older sister"...I was just excited the mushroom conundrum. Mmmm. portabellas sound good right now....