Tuesday, November 22, 2005


I love the holidays. I always have, and now that my Thanksgiving vacation won't be dogged by the paper some idiot professor assigned me, they'll be even better-- albeit shorter.

When I was a young hip thing I tried to hate Thanksgiving and Christmas, because that's the young hip thing to do. But I didn't really succeed. Now, grant you, I don't love all the things that come with the holidays, such as blatant commercialism, tights, airborn spatulas, and having to clean the whole damn house.

But I love turkey. I love goose. I love singing "Christmas is coming, the geese are getting fat." I really love the fact that it's Tuesday and I only have to work tomorrow before I'm done for the week.

I even love the whole macho Thanksgiving football thing, where my uncles try to watch the game before my sister and cousin wheedle them into "Clueless."


Anonymous said...

oh no....
Can I sneak out with my chainsaw???

GermanGirl said...

I do miss thanksgiving, don't have that here in Germany. But we'll have the turkey for christmas, I hope. My mother is getting kind of weird, says can't have anything that has feathers these days with that bird flu around. I want my turkey!!
I guess I'll have to stick to singing christmas is coming the turkeys are getting fat" until I drove everyone mad and they'll feed me with turkey!

Anonymous said...

I love it that for one brief part of a day, we share our lives together as a family. We gather together old and new fabric and stitch a patch of us together--sometimes pretty,sometimes homely-but us. And we're together---did I mention that before???

Oh yeah--chainsaws are always accepted accessories!

Anonymous said...

The day k watches football, is the day i watch football. -n