Tuesday, October 07, 2014

Pictures of Me! Taken by K, naturally.

At Caspian's Kindergarten breakfast. My baby lost his first bottom tooth yesterday and he's rocking school, soccer, life. Proud of my little man.

Sometimes I have a third baby lech. So I hold someone else's, and it goes away. Fun to pinch thighs and then hand them back.

We read The Witches. Kids loved it. Roald Dahl... love him. Fitting to read him in the British room, too :)

The customary and usual store anxieties, but the weather is perfect, the babies are beautiful and healthy, and we've got enough money stashed away to carry us for the foreseen future. I have twenty-four chickens, two roosters, a fat sow of a pig, a bull near maturity... is it any wonder I spend so much time feeling rich?

Turning 32 on Thursday. K is making me chocolate cake with peanut butter icing. Tomorrow I'm taking the kids out of school and heading to Memphis with them and my mama to go fall shopping. I'm digging October.

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