Friday, September 20, 2013


Summer is ending and the nights are cool. Tomatoes are gone. Apples are in. Pumpkins are here, though we still have mounds of bright green okra, late squash, muscadines. Pecans and chestnuts aren't here yet but butternut squashes are.

Tomorrow is my eight year anniversary.

We were children when we got married and we're probably still children. Maybe. Though we do take care of a whole lot, from bottle-fed calves to employees to children to buildings galore.

But. We were both very young. I especially was young.  I'd made very few decisions in my life at that point, let alone such a big one, but I'd been taught to think well. To idenitfy the proof was in the pudding. 

I am coming to think that the two main ingredients to a happy life are 1. luck-- there are circumstances a lot harder than others and 2. partner lottey. I won the lottery. K is not the perfect man I believed him to be when we married but he is absolutely irrevocably perfect for me. I make him laugh. He makes me happy. He's a good father, a superb husband, and under neat all the layers of responsability we have diligently applied one by one, my best friend and partner in crime.

Plus he has a wicked tan and strong muscles these days. I chose wisely :)

We have a babysitter booked and a twenty-five-year-old station wagon with a tank full of diesel. It all feels wide open. 

My boys, going fishing:

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Anonymous said...

I never doubted--you were/are soul mates! And from somewhere, you have the wisdom to do the work needed to keep it alive---