Tuesday, September 10, 2013


First, I would like to state that my daughter instructed  me to strike this pose. 

I don't know where she learned this pose: we do not have cable, and I kind of doubt the endless streaming of Backyardigans and Dinosaur Train have taught her this.

I guess at school?

Anyhow, when we got home from church, she grabbed my phone and told me how to stand. 

We went to the pool and I wanted to snap her picture. This is how she stood. I might be in trouble.

But then again, this girl is pure joy. She wants to be older, just like I did at her age. she has always wanted to do more and be more and that has been part of her personality since the day she was born, when she opened her eyes and lifted her head moments into the world.

Love this girl. 


Anonymous said...

gotta say--pose or no, that is a pretty picture of you-- the girl's got game!

Vinnie+ said...

Apparently, she knows her stuff...that's the best photo of you ever! She's pretty darn perfectly perfect, too :-)) xo