Wednesday, September 12, 2012


For the last few mornings, I have awoken to my kids laughing in their room while they lie in on their beds, paging through books together.

I am very happy my family is home, all in one place.

Things I learned from K's summer sojourn:

1. I am not that much more productive without them.

2. Sleep is very important to my mental and emotional well-being.

3. Shadow contributes 45% of the mess of the house, shockingly.

4. Regular meals are over-rated.

5. After I've read a book and slept in, all I want is for my family to come back!

6. My husband is cool and sexy and my best friend and it is a lonely life without him.

7. Girl-time IS fun, though. I should do that again soon.

The weather is perfect and the a/c is off and we have no plans at all to go anywhere soon and that feels really, really good.

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