Sunday, September 23, 2012

Happy Sunday To Me

Yesterday was one of those Saturdays that I crawled home. K. met me at the front door with some miso. Put me to bed. I slept. I woke. We went on a walk (the kids were at a park, playing with a friend).  We lay on our backs and looked at the blue sky. We came home. He went off to install a bathtub (the never-ending landlord duties, but hey, our building makes money!) and I took the kids on another walk, downtown, for a pulled pork sandwich from DeDe and boiled peanuts (which the kids now love) and snocones and impromptu dancing at the crawfish joint.  We passed a wedding reception in the old Ford dealership on Main Street and the kids oohed and awed and pressed their faces against the glass. We threw our peanut shells on the street as we walked home in the dusk and the kids chattered and waved and played games and it all felt so effortless, so utterly unlike the morning.

Funny how a day can turn around.

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